Excellence In Transportation

Who is Salem Leasing

Meet Salem

Salem serves a large and diverse customer base, including over thirty-five Fortune 500 companies. It is imperative that Salem provide exceptional service. From the President to all front-line employees, everyone is constantly measuring performance and tracking key metrics, which is why the company has been in business for more than 50 years. Salem knows that performance matters and lives it 24/7.

  • Customer retention rate: 94%
  • Average on-time delivery: 97%
  • Miles driven annually: 43 million
  • Average breakdown response: 2 hours
  • Total trucks per customer: 1–400
  • Average number of trucks on the road per week: 3,200

Flexibility and Ability to Respond: What sets Salem apart from the competition is an unsurpassed commitment to customer service and an understanding that customers must often make quick decisions to meet a changing business environment. Salem is a private company with a flat organization structure that enables quick response to your needs. Customers, regardless of size, have direct access to executive management, allowing for quick response and innovative solutions to their transportation challenges.

Financial Advantage: Salem experts can identify transportation savings and assist in monitoring the improvements to reduce expenses and improve reliability. Customers benefit from flexible programs including dedicated transportation solutions, truck leasing, equipment maintenance programs, dedicated transportation solutions, truck rentals, trailer leasing, and used truck sales.

Technology Advantage: The industry and Salem have continued to advance over the years bringing the best in technology to help drive down transportation operating costs, improve real-time monitoring of fleet operations and collect the ever-changing data requirements for compliance reporting. Salem leverages technical resources to utilize advances in on-truck sensor technology, global positioning and equipment diagnostics. Salem will work with your company to provide the information needed to manage your transportation operations.

Service Advantage: With Salem, you can be confident that you are working with a partner that understands the meaning of service—service to you, to your customer and to those that you use to help complete your promise to your customers.

Preventative Maintenance: Salem’s preventative maintenance services are customized to each customer’s specific equipment and operations. Learn More.

Mobile-Service Units: Salem has a fleet of mobile service units equipped to perform light maintenance on your equipment. Salem’s mobile service unit will travel to your facilities to perform these services, saving you driver payroll costs, fuel costs, insurance exposure, etc. This service allows your drivers to better use their hours for making deliveries rather than shuttling equipment. This is becoming even more critical as driver shortages around the country increase and government regulations further tighten available driving hours.

From the look and reliability of equipment to the professionalism of employees, Salem delivers a higher standard of service and is consistently recognized as a leader in the industry. The company mantra is, and always will be, “Excellence in transportation.”