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Dedicated Transportation

Why choose Salem Corporation as a customized dedicated transportation solution?

Simply put, Salem allows you to minimize risk and liability, but it goes much deeper than that. You can take advantage of management, route optimization, and analysis of route and asset utilization. Salem battles ever-rising fuel costs, driver shortages and stringent safety requirements on your behalf and manages all maintenance, procurement and training. Because each route for each customer is fully customized, you get extra capacity as demand for your product increases. Salem's software and GPS technology allows employees to keep tightening our resource management—and those resources are among the most reliable, technologically advanced truck fleets in the country. All for you. Bottom line: Salem’s dedicated transportation service enables you to focus on running your business. 

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Right from the start, Salem Carriers impressed me with their efficient, professional manner -an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for in a dedicated carrier. We needed an effective solution to the previous carrier whom we had numerous issues with. 

Because of Salem's consistent communication, team attitude, flexibility and willingness to adapt they have been able to provide our company with a 99% on time delivery to 117 branch locations in 9 southeastern states. 

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