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Why Choose Salem? - Customer Relationships

Customer Relationships

It’s no accident that Salem Corporation is one of the most respected and trusted names in the transportation industry. Existing to serve customers and it shows. The relationships formed over the last 50 years speak to the superior quality of Salem's transportation services.

The company culture is one of commitment, listening and understanding. Success is measured by deadlines met and customers retained. The tools at Salem's disposal ensure both.

Call 800-877-2536 to see how Salem Corporation can provide you a turnkey transportation solution. 

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I want you to know how much I appreciate the relationship that you and your team have built with us over the years. I consider Salem Leasing to be very much a partner in our business and I appreciate the personal attention, the attention to detail, and the outstanding service that you, Ron, Jessie, and the rest of your team provide to us on a daily basis. As you know, our customer philosophy is to treat each customer as if he or she is the only one we have and it has been obvious for many years now that you and your team apply this philosophy to your customers as well. Of course the good equipment, the great service, and the comfort and security of knowing that someone is there 24/7 are great assets for us, but your team and the service they provide is the glue that pulls all these things together, and really creates the products and the value that pays off for us every day.

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