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Why Choose Salem? - Customized Approach

Customized Approach

No company comes to Salem Corporation looking for a cookie-cutter solution for their transportation challenges. A deep understanding of the transportation industry starts with one fact: no two operations are the same. Transportation efficiency is maximized by thoroughly examining your goals. As a private company with a highly involved management team, Salem is free to build the best terms for you straight from the ground up.

As your operation gets underway, Salem has several tools that constantly monitor and analyze whether you’re getting as much out of your leasing terms as possible. Examining everything from route times to fuel consumption will help you get the most value from your partnership with Salem. 

We owe our success to a commitment to customer service, a willingness to listen to customer's needs, the flexibility and innovation to meet those needs, and a culture of responsiveness to accomplish objectives in a timely manner. We treat each of our customers the same by treating them differently.

Thomas L. Teague, President

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Recently we held a General Managers meeting in San Diego with about 100 of our top plant personnel. Several comments were made regarding Salem that I thought you should be aware of.

  • Salem is a terrific carrier with great service -we trust them. 
  • On time deliveries average 98% in our plants using Salem. 
  • Very reliable and quick to advise on any issue, minor or major. 
  • In house dispatchers have "our customers best interest in mind ." 
  • Salem is "responsive, flexible and friendly."

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