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Innovative Solutions

Real-time monitoring of each piece of equipment. Extensive driver safety programs. Emergency 24-hour roadside assistance. Research on customer logistics. Maximum efficiency. Several different reporting and billing processes. Continuous improvement through technology and constant testing. Flexible leasing rates designed around your needs.

Salem Corporation is not a cookie-cutter transportation company. An extensive set of tools is available here for one reason only—to give you exactly what your company needs. 

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Salem Leasing Corporation is a valued supplier and vital to the success of our day to day operation. The high standard our customer expects from us cannot be accomplished when equipment is down or inoperable. Scott Guettner, Service Manager, is always attentive to our needs and quick to respond. It is evident every level of the maintenance organization takes pride in their work. We communicate weekly with your technician Joe LaRoche any issues with our equipment and he provides excellent on-site maintenance on Saturdays. This service is invaluable to our operation as it reduces downtime during the week.

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