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Why Choose Salem? - Responsiveness


Salem Corporation is nimble by design. Is is clearly understood that sometimes by-the-minute changes must be made, and the Salem team is always ready to make them.

Responsiveness involves much more than a nationwide 24-hour roadside assistance program. Mobile service units can correct problems anywhere you are. Replacement vehicles can be supplied in order to meet your transportation deadlines, each as important as the last. Salem Corporation representatives are available to you 24 hours a day, and all customers have direct access to upper management at all stages of your transportation needs. Salem's flat organizational structure and necessarily flexible logistics count for nothing if we are not by customers’ sides, going above and beyond to help them meet their goals. 

I just wanted to write you a quick note thanking you for the great service that we are receiving from your Goldsboro location. since switching the last nine units to your company last year we have been very pleased. Everyone at your location has been very responsive to our needs. Also, the savings on our fuel purchases have been very significant compared to our previous company.

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We have enjoyed a business relationship with Salem Leasing for 35 years. Even though Salem isn't the small company it was when we started working together, we continue to get the same personal attention. Through these years, Salem has been an excellent partner. They have been dedicated to meeting our needs and providing exceptional customer service. Currently we are operating fifty two power units and over two hundred trailers.

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