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Commercial Drivers

Commercial Drivers

To transport and deliver freight by driving diesel powered tractor/trailer combination vehicle to pre-assigned destinations without accidents or loss of cargo.

Job Description

  • Hook and unhook trailer from the tractor itself and crank lever to raise and lower landing gear on the semi-trailer.
  • Load and unload trailer, either individually or with assistance of dockworkers, and either with or without mechanical freight handling equipment.
  • Perform frequent lifting, pulling, pushing and carrying of freight.
  • Securing of freight in/or on the trailer, by strapping, blocking, or other methods.
  • Inspect tractor/trailer for defects and safe operating conditions before, during and after trips, and submit a written report on the condition of the tractor/trailer at the end of each trip or tour of duty.
  • Check shipping papers to determine the nature of the load and to check for the presence of hazardous material. Check seal and trailer number on the shipping documents and compare with trip sheet.
  • When hazardous Material are present:
    • Check for proper preparation of shipping papers.
    • Check for and compare information on shipping papers, and markings and labeling on freight.
    • Make sure that vehicle is properly placarded.
  • Drive truck to destination in accordance with federal regulations, normally in periods of up to 11 hours of driving, followed by an off duty period of at least 10 consecutive hours.
  • Apply knowledge of commercial driving skills in maneuvering vehicle at varying speeds in difficult situations, such as mountain terrain, heavy traffic, inclement weather, and tight loading dock areas.
  • Ensure that all required shipping documents (manifest, security seal, bills of lading, shipping order or freight bills etc.) are available for inspection and that appropriate paperwork accompanies shipment when delivered.
  • Maintain purchases, mileage records and other records required by law.
  • Perform all duties in accordance with company policies and procedures, and comply with all federal, state and local regulations for the safe operation of commercial motor vehicle.
  • Report all accidents involving driver and or company equipment.
  • Promptly report any delays due to breakdowns, weather, traffic conditions, or other emergencies, or in the event of irregularities relating to the pick-up or delivery of cargo.


  • Safe and legal operation of commercial motor vehicle.
  • Safe and timely transportation of freight from origin to destination.
  • Proper loading and unloading of freight to ensure safety and minimal risk of damage to cargo and danger to persons.
  • Proper handling and accurate completion of all necessary paperwork related to truck operation and freight movements.
  • Professional representation of the company and trucking industry through responsible driving.


Work Environment

  • Driver may spend large percentage of time in the cab, and periods of time out of doors exposed to potentially difficult environmental conditions.
  • Driver may be subject to irregular work schedules, temperature and weather extremes, long trips, short notice for assignment of trips, tight delivery schedules, delays in route and other stresses and fatigue related to driving a large
    commercial motor vehicle on crowded streets and highways, in all kinds of weather.
  • Drivers typically spend 70 to 80 percent of their on-duty time driving the truck. While driving, they are exposed to noise and vibration levels, which may be higher than those typically experienced in passenger vehicle.

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Salem creates a work environment that stresses the importance of safety and service. As a Salem driver we understand these priorities and Salem trusts us to represent the company in a positive light each and every day. It’s an honor to be a part of the Salem Team. They provide drivers with high quality equipment and a support network that allows us to be successful. I truly enjoy working at Salem and appreciate the opportunity they have given me in providing financial stability for me and my family.

will smith: driver 15 Years of Service